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My Life & Loves

My home is on a beautiful farm that has been in the family for over 100 years in the little village of Bethersden just outside Ashford in Kent. I live with my wonderful partner, who i married in 2016 and our little dog ‘Coco’. You can see them both here on my ‘Day in the Life’ photography video (although Coco features more!). This is where I grew up and although I have lived in different places it is where I have returned, this for me has always felt like home. 

Why Wedding Photography

For me photography began as a hobby and quickly turned into an obsession, and it still is, I love it!. I started my working career as a Secondary School teacher but honestly it just wasn’t for me. I’ve always loved art, in fact that was one of the subjects I taught, so photography was something that really appealed. Then in 2007 a friend asked me to photograph their wedding and despite feeling sick with nerves I got such a buzz afterwards I wanted to do more!

Photograph of Helen Batt Kent wedding photographer

Photograph of Helen Batt wedding photographer with her dog

Influences and Inspiration

Over the years I have honed my skills and learnt from some of the best photographers around the globe which has provided me with a wealth of knowledge as well as some truly amazing experiences in places such as India and Armenia. It is through my desire to learn and achieve that I have managed to turn this passion into my business so that I now have the job I absolutely love. Its my belief that if you have a passion for what you do you will give it 100%, resulting in the best results for your clients and yourself.

Influences on my style of wedding photography have come in many forms over the years, from the beautiful colours of impressionist paintings and our picturesque Kent countryside, to the snapshots of human interactions observed in everyday life, as well of course the work of other photographers from around the world.

My values & approach

Awareness and consideration of my environment and the feelings of those around me are significant, not just in everyday life but also in my photography. A good wedding photograph tells a story, it will remind you of that period of time and the feelings you felt and as a photographer and it’s important to me not to influence those feelings by my actions, but be sensitive to the situation ensuring the moment is true.

As much as I enjoy my work I also have fun away from it, spending time with my partner, family and friends and appreciating the simple pleasures such as walking my little dog, a good movie or enjoying some great food.

I love to travel to all sorts of destinations, and experiences mean more to me than any amount of material goods. Being able to combine photography with visits to amazing locations on our incredible planet makes it even more exciting.

Photograph of Helen Batt snorkelling on holiday

Kent wedding photographer Helen batt and her border terrier dog

Being a wedding photographer – what it means to me

To summarise, I view my photography in a similar way to how I view my life, it needs to be genuine and meaningful, have a positive effect on my surroundings and the people I meet and in some way make a difference.

“We were absolutely blown away by Helen’s pictures. She captured the events and special moments brilliantly and our pictures are the perfect memory of our day and the fun everyone had” Amy & Piperis

“Thank you Helen! We love our photos from our wedding and cannot recommend you enough.You made everything really easy for us from day one, answering our questions, making our photos really personal and natural, listening to us and bringing our ideas to life, and giving us loads of memories we will treasure. And you melted into our day like magic!” Laura & Paul

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