How often as a couple do you get to have some beautiful photos of the two of you taken? Probably not that often other than with your arm stretched out in front doing a selfie with your phone trying to get a half decent angle.

The purpose of having a pre wedding or engagement shoot is not simply to provide you with some great photographs of you both before your wedding day but to also get you feeling a little more comfortable together in front of the camera. Lets face it ,unless you model as a career there are very few of us that enjoy the experience of being photographed and almost everyone that comes to me says they don’t like having their photo taken.

This experience therefore provides the perfect opportunity to overcome some of those anxieties, it allows us to get to know each other little better before your wedding day which in turn leads to better photos as you will not be worrying about me being there.

If there are any particular shots you’re not that keen on this is the time to say, I won’t be offended as I’d prefer to know before your wedding day if you don’t like photographs of your self from any particular side or angle.

So although this isn’t compulsory it is why I offer this service and see it as a valuable addition to your wedding photography package.


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